Monday, July 2, 2007

Next Time Just Saw My Head Off

Here’s the highlight of my day (which shows you just how pathetic my life has become). While driving home I listened to an NPR program called Fair Game. Host Faith Salie must be almost as desperate as me because her post-drivetime oeuvre for today featured an interview with musical saw virtuoso Dale Stuckenbruck. I learned a few thing about saw playing that would otherwise have passed me by, such as the blade must be flexed into a symmetrical waveform curve with the amplitude of the wave corresponding to the pitch. The sound is produced by bowing at the point where the curvature crosses the x-axis. Mathematically this would be given by

A • sin(ωt + θ) = 0

The interview was interesting and Stuckenbruck is evidently dedicated to his instrument, he even has a CD out that’s available from Amazon. But to me saw music always invokes images of Joan Crawford experiencing psychotic hallucinations.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Mister Wizard Retrospective

Dutch of the Diseased Mind has some thoughts on the passing of Don Herbert, classic TV’s Mister Wizard. I’m indebted to Dutch (i.e., in dutch to Dutch) for information on some Golden Age children’s programming I’ve never seen or knew existed.

It occurs to me, whenever Hitler received a report regarding the progress of the u-boat campaign against Allied commerce in the Atlantic did the Fuhrer’s expression go all narcotic with a trail of drool leaking out of his mouth as he droned “mmm… Dönitz”?